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Interest in air quality monitoring and PM measurements has been continually increasing all over the globe during the past decades when correlations between particle concentration, size, composition and adverse health effects have been found. The regulated values vary slightly depending on the country and local legislation but typically focus on PM10 and PM2.5 values.

Since particle size, concentration and composition vary depending on the measurement location, a more detailed analysis of the particles is needed to determine the source and characteristics of the particles in the air. Common requirements for the particle measurement instruments include:

  • Capability to measure both low and high concentrations to allow the use of the same instrument for measurements in urban, rural and remote areas
  • Ability to detect changes in real-time to determine also short-time scale changes in the sample
  • Ability to measure concentrations of different sized particles simultaneously
  • Option to analyse chemical composition of different sized particles to determine particle source and/or detailed characteristics of particles to determine e.g. toxicity of the particles in the air.

Dekati® particle measurement solutions for environmental aerosol monitoring include both real-time detection of concentration and size distribution and detailed gravimetric particle size distribution measurement solutions. All our measurement solutions allow post-measurement chemical analysis of size classified aerosol samples.

Dekati® solutions for air quality monitoring include: