Real-time Measurements with ELPI®+

Dekati® ELPI®+’s wide particle size range makes it an ideal instrument for measuring both ambient work place air quality as well as particles generated locally in an industrial process. The ELPI®+ gives information on several aspects of the aerosol including particle number, mass and surface area in different size fractions. ELPI®+'s unique feature to allow chemical analysis of the size classified particles after the real-time measurement is commonly used to identify the source and composition of the particles in the work place air. Since the ELPI®+ gives real-time information on the size distribution of the particles it allows immediate analysis of particles and particle sources in different areas of the work place.

ELPI®+ features:

  • Real-time particle size distribution and concentration measurement 6 nm – 10 µm
  • Particle number, mass and surface area concentration measurement
  • Up to 500 particle size classes with High Resolution ELPI®+
  • 10 Hz sampling rate for immediate and detailed detection of both short and long time-scale changes in the particle concentration and size distribution
  • Wide operational concentration range allows ambient workplace air measurements as well as measurements directly from a local particle source e.g. point of welding or soldering.
  • Possibility for chemical and SEM/TEM analysis of size classified particles to determine particle source and/or detailed characteristics of particles e.g. toxicity of the particles in the air
  • Fully functional standalone operation suitable for long term monitoring
  • Together with Dekati® Sample Conditioning instruments, ELPI®+ can be used to sample directly from any industrial process

The ELPI®+ / High Resolution ELPI®+ measurement setup in work place measurement is simple and includes a vacuum pump that is also available from Dekati Ltd. If the sample is taken near an industrial process where the sample is high temperature or the concentrations are temporarily very high, a dilution device can be applied at the ELPI®+ inlet. Dekati has several options for this purpose and e.g. the Dekati® Diluter is a good choice for many different environments and processes.