New sample conditioning and dilution system - DekatiĀ® eDiluterā„¢

This week, Dekati presents two new dilution systems for combustion process studies and other particle measurement applications. The Dekati® eDiluter™ and Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro are compact, two-stage dilution systems that allow easy sample conditioning for a wide range of particle measurement applications.The Dekati® eDiluter™ comes with a fixed dilution factor whereas the Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro enables easy adjustment of the dilution factor between 1:25 and 1:225. Dilution temperature can be adjusted with both models using the front panel user interface. Click on the links below to get more details on Dekati® eDiluter™ and Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro.

Dekati® eDiluter™

Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro